Results For the Ghana Meet Naija 2016

Ghana Meets Naija has established itself as one of the biggest entertainment platforms in Ghana. Each year, artistes are brought in from Nigeria to perform alongside selected Ghanaian artistes. The usual brotherly battle between Ghana and Nigeria in everything  makes the event always lovely to witness.

This year, Harry Song, Olamide and Flavour were the chosen Nigerians to battle Pappy Kojo, EL, and Shatta Wale from Ghana respectively. The event was sold out to a massive crowd who was excited to get the night going after some rains earlier in the evening.

Below  are analysis and results from TGMN16:

Round One: Harry Song vs. Pappy Kojo

Harry Song clearly isn’t that popular in Ghana so much was not expected from him anyway. However, he did well with his performance and crowd control leading the audience as a “choirmaster” to teach them a song. He was masterful on the stage and had good communication with the crowd. Pappy Kojo who was heavily mocked in Ghana recently for his failure to pick up any award at the Ghana Music Awards had a strong night of redemption. He gave a terrific performance and kept the crowd dancing to his tunes throughout his performance.

Winner: Pappy Kojo

Round Two: Olamide vs. EL

EL was coming into this show as the recently crowned artiste of the year in Ghana. There were huge expectations of him to live up to the standard set by recent recipients of the award anytime they mount the stage. But largely due to technical hitches that occurred during EL’s performance, he could not live up to this expectation despite having a strong comeback to wow the crowd and keep them singing his popular song “Koko”.

Nigerian rapper Olamide put up a sterling performance as he dazzled patrons with his performance right from start to finish. The Nigerian music star started off by taking some minutes to greet his fans and patrons before kicking off his performance with his first song.

He then got into the crowd to connect more with his fans. This worked perfectly as he got them chanting and screaming. Olamide performed Lili Kesh’s popular “Shoki” tune, “Shakiti bobo” and “Reggae blues”. It is concluded that Olamide did better in this round and had a hitch-free performance. Making him the obvious winner of the pair.

Winner: Olamide

Round Three: Flavour vs. Shatta Wale

This was the round many people were waiting for. Surprisingly it was Shatta Wale who mounted the stage first. Shatta Wale who came on stage in his white jacket and shorts started his performance by taking Ghanaians back to his Bandana days by performing “Bandana from Ghana”. He then went on to drop hit after hits.

This kept the entire auditorium charged up with die hard fans singing along every song he drops.In the middle of his performance, Shatta paused to pass on a peace message to fans cautioning them against violence before, during and after the elections. Afterwards, he continued with his performance.

He performed Zinabu,Kakai,Bandana from Ghana, Mahama paper, and then added a surprise touch to his “Chop kiss”performance by inviting his wife on stage to model around in sexy seductive costume. Shatta Wale always has a way of keeping his performances very lively, energetic and unsuspecting and he did the same thing at the event. After his performance, Flavour mounted the stage with his band (being the only artiste to perform on a live band).

Despite some patrons of the event leaving halfway through his perofmance, he lived up to his billing and excited the crowd with hit after hit. It is always difficult to come up against Shatta Wale especially in Ghana. Both artistes did an incredible job on the night but Shatta Wale was more fun and entertaining to watch.

Winner: Shatta Wale

And so to the winners of TGMN16, congratulations and to the losers, better luck next time.



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