Mario Balotelli accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend

A former girlfriend of AC Milan forward Mario Balotelli is to launch a case against the footballer for alleged verbal and physical assaults during their relationship.

Avivit Bar Zohar was a finalist on Big Brother Israel and has been in a relationship with the Italy international since moving to the peninsula eight months ago, where she harboured dreams of becoming an actress.

“We are going to Italy to submit a complain to police against Mario Balotelli for his physical and verbal attacks against Avivit Bar Zohar,” confirmed her head of public relations, Yosepha Barak, according to El Mundo.

“Avivit is afraid to come to Milan but she knows that she will have to do it.”

It is believed that the origin of the dispute stemmed from an incident in the Hollywood club in Milan, where Balotelli became annoyed with the attention his 33-year-old girlfriend was receiving.

Allegations suggest that he ordered her to sit next to him, which she refused to do, at which point Balotelli reacted angrily and it is alleged that he pulled her hair and then launched a tirade of insults against her.

The striker has yet to make any response to the allegations.


Source: Gazzetta World


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