Reports Indicates that Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Expecting Second Child

In the midst of cheating allegations, rumors emerged that Beyonce Knowles is expecting her second chijayld with husband Jay-Z. Life & Style magazine claimed that the “Formation” singer is pregnant and the miracle baby was probably the one who could save their marriage.

The magazine said that the baby was what the couple was “praying for” and Beyonce was set to announce the happy news when she’s three months. “She’s waiting to make an official announcement when she’s at three months, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are overjoyed,” an insider revealed to the magazine.

The source pointed out that the baby was the reason why the pair rekindled their romance. “The timing may be bittersweet, but if that keeps their marriage together, then so be it. Beyonce had been all set to file for divorce, but she called it off,” the source continued. “Bey and Jay both feel that another child will bring new life and new meaning to their marriage. They have never wanted Blue to grow up as an only child.”

While some people wondered why Beyonce loved a cheater, she might have a big reason to keep her marriage. “Everyone can say what they want about Jay’s reported cheating and how she should have left him, but Beyonce will be the first person to tell you what an amazing father he is,” the source said.

However, shortly after the pregnancy rumor surfaced online, Gossip Cop has set the record straight. The site clarifies that the story is untrue and the diva is not pregnant.


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