Most Popular Song category should be scrapped – Edem

Rapper, Edem, has suggested to organisers of the annual Ghana Music Awards to scrap the Most Popular Song of the Year category.

According to him, the category is bogus since there is no credible means of determining how popular a song was the year under review.

“I will urge Charterhouse to take this particular category off. How are they trying to determine? Is it by hearing it at pubs? We don’t have pubs that login for you to know how many times the song was played. We should be realistic about it because we don’t have the structures,” he is quoted by to have said on Starr FM’s The Zone.

“We should find things that are realistic. If I stay in James Town, the most popular song might be Nii Funny’s record because that is my territory and for someone in Legon it might be ‘MI Naa Bo Po’ by E.L, and so there’s no way you can tell that person ‘Ekiiki mi’ is better…so for me the category is bogus,” he added.


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